Two Days In New York

Earlier this week I was in New York City for approximately two days.

This was meant to be a picture blog, and I say meant, because I didn’t actually end up taking a lot of pictures. For some reason my battery was perpetually below my shoe size no matter how long I charged it for, so I didn’t end up taking my phone with me a lot. Even when I did, NY weather was wet and sticky and didn’t allow me to pull out my phone anywhere outside.

So. I only have a handful of pictures to boot, which I’m going to now post below.

New York City the corner coffee shop

The highlight of that entire trip was probably getting bumped to First Class, which meant excellent food, a full-sized flat bed, and a television larger than the one I have at home. The above picture is of breakfast, which was absolutely delicious, albeit not quite not enough.

Regardless, t’was a blissful 15 hours.


The first day was positively gloomy. It rained a lot, even according to Mumbai standards, and I didn’t get to walk around very much, which is really the best thing to do in New York.


Here is a picture from the next day. It was slightly less wet, so we went for Aladdin at Broadway, which is the best show I’ve ever seen (and I say this having seen The Lion King there previously). I don’t have any pictures from the Theatre, but it was absolutely marvellous from the inside, and you can check it out here.


There was a street fair going on around the time I was there. I’m not sure what it was about, or what it was trying to promote, but they had some excellent food. I tried a corndog, which was great, and also deep fried Oreos, which is absolute rubbish food. Why must Americans deep fry perfectly good food and make it despicable? I don’t understand the logic there. Suffice to say that I’m done eating anything deep fried or overly sweet for the next few months.


Finally, here is my final and favourite picture from the entire trip. Favourite not because of any aesthetic value, but because it was taken right after I visited Blick Art Materials. For those of you folks who have never heard of Blick previously, it’s pretty much heaven for us stationary addicts. There are rows upon rows of neatly stacked markers, canvases, paints, brushes, papers… absolutely anything you can dream of.

And the entire space smells like brand new notebooks.


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